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We believe that the best way to learn is through one on one care. Our individualized tutoring caters directly to the students. 


Dhara of Phoenix Tutoring and Test Prep was my GRE test prep coach. I worked with her for about two months and I don’t know what I would have done without her. Not only did she teach me strategies for the GRE, she also went over all of the basics with me. Dhara went through the book with me step by step. Only after reviewing did we begin working on practice tests. Her methods really helped me and I learned more from her than any other tutor I have had.

Not only was she a wonderful tutor she was also a great person to work with. She taught me all I needed to know while being supportive, easy to contact, and was always very personable. I would recommend her to anyone needing a tutor in the Phoenix area!

Shannon B.

Phoenix Tutoring and Test Prep is awesome! We have had previous experiences with prior tutors for our two teenagers. It’s one matter for a tutor to really be an expert in material they are teaching but it really is an art to be able to connect and relate the material to each individuals’ learning style, especially when working with kids. They really know how to break it down into simple terms. Our kids are really understanding their subjects and our oldest has just had her best semester academically ever! Phoenix Tutoring and Test Prep is great! I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Sheba J.

Dhara of Phoenix Tutoring and Test Prep is a great tutor, I highly recommend her to anyone in need of tutoring. I had her for Chemistry tutoring and I hated that class until she tutored me, She made it very fun and made all the material based off real life to help me understand it better! She’s very sweet and knows what she’s doing. I have worked with a lot of tutors and she is by far the best!

Lauren A.



PayPal Integration

 We believe the best way to ensure proper learning is to pay based on their own need and flexibility.

We make it extremely easy for students and parents to purchase our services.

With PayPal, payments are easy. You can use your Debit and Credit Cards through PayPal making our transactions secure. Since we use the world’s best, you know you’ll be safe with us.

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Personal Tracking

To ensure that all our clients are fully interacted and exposed to the materials, we’ve added a course progress bar within Profiles.

This way you’ll be able to track progress and see how you’re doing.


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We believe that to learn you must experience.

We’ve made programs to strengthen students in courses and in standardized tests.

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