10 Essentials: Moving to College Transition

Freshman year of college is the most exciting year for new high school graduates. It is the year when you are on your own especially if you moved out for college from your parent’s house. It’s a start of adventure and exploration.

For some students this transition can be very overwhelming. This is mainly because you lived your life so far in a protected bubble formed by your parents. Now you are out of that bubble and the world is so big. There is no one to tell you what’s right and wrong. No one to set boundaries. No one to remind you that your assignment is due. No one to babble about when to be in bed.

More than 3/4 of the students struggle with managing laundry, cleaning up, eating, socializing and studying for classes. It is hard to manage freedom with responsibilities all on your own. Several students drop out of college right after their freshman year mostly because they were unable to juggle and find a balance between fun and school.

This article hopefully will help you jump start your freshman year with 10 essential items you must have when moving out to college:

  1. Get a Facebook Account: Most peers that you meet in classes and dorms or anywhere on campus will want to find you on Facebook. You will get invitations for events, meetings, and be able to read newsfeed of what’s going on in your campus, friend circle and more. If you add your college email to Facebook you can join your university network and certain communities created by your college. Facebook is good for socialization especially when you are trying to make new friends and may want to know more about him or her.
  2. Have a Daily Planner: It seems like there is so much to do. You must have a hard time remembering your midterm and final dates, major assignments, and important events you must be present. Some people prefer to use their daily planner on their phones. If that works for you great however, if you are a writing down type of person than get a paper planner. They are available at all bookstores and major supplies stores like Walgreens, Target and Walmart.  Plan your days so you don’t overbook yourself. The first thing you do is block out time when you have classes. Then add all of your deadlines after looking at your syllabus. Lastly, if you joined a club, fraternity, or organization block out meeting times in your planner.
  3. Need a Map of the Campus: It is helpful to have a map of the campus with all the building listed. On a big campus, chances are that you will get lost. If you have some time before the first day of classes, I would print out my class schedule and look for my classes ahead of time. This is a good way to save time and know where to go one your first week of classes. Remember visual markers near your classes.
  4. Get Shower Shoes: If you are living with roommates, a good majority of freshman do, have shower shoes. You may be sharing bathroom with other people, sometimes many other people. There are germs and dirty hair all over the bathroom floor. You can catch infections. Take a shower only in shower shoes if you forgot to get them I would buy cheap flip flops and wear those instead. Do not go bare feet.
  5. Have Laptop Locks: If you have a new and highly desirable laptop such as a Macbook Pro there is a very good chance that it might be stolen soon. Just for safety it is good to carry your laptop lock and secure your computer. You can carry laptop locks in the libraries, food courts, dorms and classrooms. You can buy one from best buy or office depot. It is worth the few dollars especially if you paid a lot of money for that laptop.
  6. A Loud Alarm: I can’t stress this enough get a really loud alarm. I know that you once upon a time woke up super early every day for high school. You may be a morning person but things will change. You need a really loud alarm. If you are using you phone as an alarm keep your phone away when you sleep so that when alarm rings you have to get up walk a few steps and then shut the alarm. The snooze on the regular alarm doesn’t work well. 8am classes are horrible and 9am are just as bad. I once had a friend that hung his alarm on the ceiling with a rope. He had to jump each time to shut the alarm but it was effective in waking him up. You will probably stay up till like 2am or after so you do need a good loud alarm.
  7. Roman Noodles and Snacks: Many of you will prefer to study at night in college. You will get hungry especially the night before your exam. Keep some snacks and roman noodles just in case you are hungry. Some of you will struggle with eating meals according to your dining hall times. You will not get up for breakfast, you might skip lunch, and dinner may be too early (7:30pm most dinner serving dining halls close). In either of these scenarios you might need to keep some food in your room. A healthy snack to keep are nutrition bars, little packets of cereals, Yoplait yogurts and dry fruits.
  8. Recorder: Those little recorders are a life saver. You will end up in classes that are big or small. Sometimes your professors will ramble through the full hour. You may not be able to hear everything and take notes that fast. At times, you won’t understand what he or she said and would like for the professor to repeat. Before exams you may want to recall what the professor said whatever it may be I would buy a recorder and record my important lectures so I can re-listen to them when I am reviewing my notes.  You can buy recorders at Walgreens or office depot.
  9. Flash drives: You are probably going to do homework and take notes on different computers sometimes not your own computers. It is good to save your work on a flash drive and keep it with you. Emailing papers to yourself doesn’t always work because those emails are way at the bottom of your inbox. Put all your important papers, assignments, and notes on a flash drive and carry that with you everywhere. Keep it with your keys or wallet.
  10.    Download Music to Your tablet, phone, and computer: When you are walking to classes, waiting between your classes, riding a bus, or wanting to relax at the end of the day. Music really helps. It is better to download music onto your tablets, phones or laptops that to stream live which uses internet or data. Be sure to carry headphones with you especially to public places that may you are not disturbing others


Good Luck Freshman with your journey! Remember Phoenix Tutoring & Test Prep. Please share this article with anyone who is moving in to college for the first time and their parents.


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