10 Things People Do When Lost During the Exam

Most individuals feel some form of anxiety while taking the exam. In one way, anxiety helps during exam to keep the individual focused. It ensures that people are putting their best foot forward.
Ever wondered what happens when people know they cannot answers certain questions on the exam? Here are 10 things that people engage in when they are lost during exams and why they do it.
1. Play with their pens and pencils repetitively. People do this in hopes that the repetition will help them recall forgotten information.

2. Doodle on the back page of the exam. Doodling is a creative way to escape from the guilt of not knowing. It helps people put their minds to something else (divert their minds).

3. Look around the classroom in hopes to find someone on the same boat. It helps us feel less guilty to know that someone else in the classroom is doing just as bad. It takes the isolation of being the dumb one away!

4. Snoop around your neighbors to see if you can copy from someone. When your goal is to succeed no matter what you are desperate to try anything that saves you from failing even if that means copying from a dumb classmate instead of a smart one.

5. Show up late for the exam and act as if they are writing something in such a short time. When you know you didn’t study, you come late to add a variable that influenced your exam scores. This is a great excuse “because I came late I didn’t have sufficient time like everyone else to finish the exam”. Adding the time variable makes you victim rather than a perpetrator.

6. Stare at the Exam. Staring at the exam questions doesn’t change the hard questions to easy ones. It just makes you feel that you were trying till the end and didn’t give up.

7. Pray to god and promise to study next time. When there is fear, no doubt you will turn to god. Many students pray to god mentally to save their grade on this exam and in exchange they promise to study for sure next time.

8. Take frequent water or bathroom breaks. These individuals feel the need to take themselves out of the exam room to relax from the anxiety present in the exam room. Seeing their classmates outperform them is scary and getting away for a few minutes helps relieve some tension.

9. Write long irrelevant answers to questions. Students think that teachers will be impressed with long answers. Answering more does not equal answering correctly. They still do it because some part of them feels that may be in their long rant there will be something that will buy them a few points.

10. Look for how their friends are doing. Social pressure is a big deal. If their friends are not doing well then it’s not a big deal for them to fail because at least they are ensured of not being an outcast of the group. If their friends are performing well on the exam, it raises stress.

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