10 Things to Do Daily That Will Make You Smart

As you all know, getting smart takes some work! It is not passing one test or studying for a few days that makes you smarter. You have to be persistent. You have to incorporate the hard work into your daily routine. You have to do certain tasks every day in order to get smart or become more knowledgeable. Here are 10 recommendations that make you smart:

1)  Reading Newspaper or a Book

If you read newspaper daily even just one or two articles it improves your reading speed, vocabulary and most of all your knowledge about what is happening in the world around you. Reading a good book has similar benefits.


2)  Watching Educational Videos

We watch T.V almost every day. In fact, I know people that watch T.V all day long yet they don’t gain knowledge or become smart. The quality of what you are watching matters. Watching educational videos on Youtube, Ted Talks, or Netflix helps you understand complex topics in a simple way. People also tend to remember the information better when presented in a video form rather than a reading.


3)  Come Up With 3-4 New Ideas Daily

When you are thinking about new ideas, your brain is working. The cells in your brain are instantly activating memory, senses, and other regions to sort through information. These ideas you come up with doesn’t have to be big. In fact, it can be as simple as coming up with a new recipe, making a puzzle or using your tool in a different way.

4)  Having Quality Conversations

Discussion of what you have learned, or sharing something you know with a friend is a great way to share your ideas and knowledge. When you share your ideas with another person, you are better able to think clearly, you rehearse what you have learned and you become a better at communicating and explaining your ideas.


5)  Have Daily Goals

Having goals keeps your mind active and your body moving. When you know you have to get something done, you are more likely to do it. Having daily goals keeps you motivated and focused. It also helps you avoid laziness. As it is said, empty mind is devil’s workshop.


6)  Writing Something

Writing a daily journal is a really good strategy for relieving stress and is recommended by many counselors. Moreover, writing helps you put your ideas into paper. When you are writing, your brain is busy constructing sentences and making sense of your thinking. You can write anything not just a daily journal; it can be a blog, poem, quote.


7)  Word of the Day

There are so many apps out there which give you word of the day and its meaning such as words with friends, and more. Read over and understand the word of the day. This helps you improve your vocabulary. It also makes your verbal skills prosper.


8)  Play Smart Games

Playing any game is not going to work. To be smart, you must play smart games such as Chess, Scrabble, Monopoly, Crosswords and Sudoku. These games teach you some verbal and nonverbal skills that are reflected in intelligence.


9)  Ask a Question

As the saying goes, curiosity kills a cat but it works for everything else. A curious mind is investigative and in the problem-solving mode. Be curious and ask yourself at least one question a day. The question can be about anything. Explore topics of your own interest.


10)              Meet Interesting People

Meeting interesting people helps you learn new things. Going outside of your comfort zone helps you learn about things that you never knew before. Let you mind wonder how life is like for other people and let their experiences show you what they know.


Hope this has stirred up some ways that you can use to get smarter by incorporating some habits into your daily routine.






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