3 Methods of Reading and Its Benefits

Reading is a constant struggle for many students in the United States. Some students may read the words but fail to understand what they just read. Other students may understand the reading but stumble in reading clearly with proper vocabulary and diction.

Reading is a process and people may use one or more methods of reading at different times in their journey of education. Here is the analysis of different methods of reading and their benefits.


1.   Reading Out-Loud

 Reading out loud helps with memorization and allows the reader to focus because he or she is actively reading while others can hear him. When the reader hears himself, it helps him remember what he just read and reading something over and over again can help with memorization. If a student struggles with staying focused such as someone with ADD or ADHD, this would be the most beneficial type of reading. This method helps teachers, tutors and parents monitor whether the student is reading or not. There are so many distractions and reading out loud is a great way to check up on the student.

2.   Reading Silently

 Reading silently is a great method when you have to read many pages and the length of the reading is very long. It is very beneficial for comprehension of the reading. Reading silently forces the student to read and make sense of the words on his own. Reading silently allows the student to think about what was read which has other cognitive benefits.

3.   Facilitated Reading

 Facilitated reading is when a tutor or a teacher reads the passage with the student by taking turns. It involves some facilitation and pauses where the tutor or a teacher explain key components of the reading if the student has not fully grasped it. Facilitated reading also helps process the emotions of characters in the book. Sometimes it is very difficult to get through meaningful books without facilitation or help from an expert such as a teacher, a tutor or an involved parent. The major benefits of facilitated reading are being able to relate to the reading material and it improves critical thinking skills.


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