5 Changes on the New SAT

The new SAT is was released in March 2016. A lot of students who took the old SAT and wanted to retake it would be taking the newer version. All students will now take the new SAT.


Here are the 5 changes on the New SAT:


1. There is no penalty for guessing anymore.


In the older version of the SAT, if you guess and get the answer wrong 0.25 points were taken away. If you get the answer correct, you were awarded 1 point. In the newer version, you gain 1 point for each correct answer and lose no points for getting the answer incorrect. So guessing will increase your chances of getting a high score.


2. The writing section or essay is optional


In the older version, writing section was required but on the new SAT it is optional to take the writing and you should only take it if the school you are applying to wants it or you want to take it by choice.


3. Calculator is allowed on some parts of the Math section


The new SAT now has calculator allowed and calculator prohibited sections. This means that you can use a calculator on the calculator allowed sections. You cannot use a calculator on the calculator prohibited section and have to do calculations by hand on those questions.


4. The new SAT is out of 1600 points now 


The old SAT was out of 2400 points but the new one is out of 1600 points total. With 800 for reading and 800 for math.


5.  No more rote memorization of SAT Vocabulary words


The new SAT no longer has sentence completion questions that could only solved by knowing the vocabulary words through rote memorization. The new SAT tests vocabulary skills through passage-based questions. This is great because the context clues will help the students on these vocabulary questions.


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