5 Ways to Improve Your Presentation Skills

Presentations are a part of many courses in Academics and presentation skills are also used in the job market very frequently. Having a little anxiety prior to giving a presentation is very common and knowing what to put in the presentation is a skill. Mastering both the content and the delivery of the presentation is critical to success.


Here are 5 ways to improve  your presentation skills:

1) Adding audio or visual components to your presentation


When you are making a powerpoint presentation or a poster, it is very important to add pictures, audio clips or video clips. This attracts the audience and allows them to visually see what you are talking about. Presentations with audio or visual components tends to keep the focus or attention of the audience. Many people are also visual learners and adding visual components targets this group of audience.


2) Speaking in a high-pitched voice


Speaking in a high-pitched voice allows those in the back of the room to hear you. Sometimes microphones are not available and speaking in high-pitched really helps. When you speak in a low-pitched voice, parts of the presentation go unheard or are found to be confusing. High-pitched voice should be used for clarity.


3) Keep it concise  


It is very important to not include everything on the poster or presentation slides. If you do, you will end up reading it word for word.  Your poster or powerpoint slides should have major points of your presentation written in a short and concise manner.


4) Make good eye contact


When you are presenting make sure you are looking into the eyes of the audience. When you look down, stare in one corner, or refuse to look at the audience people will see that you are not confident about your work. Making good eye contact shows that you are confident about the information that you are presenting.


5) Rehearse a few times before you actually present


Rehearsing what you will say and how you will say helps you make a mental outline of the presentation. Rehearse in front of a few friends or family members this allows you to figure out if you stutter, get nervous, or say “umm” or “a” a lot. It gives you an idea of how your presentation will flow.



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