Are You a Procrastinator?

Procrastinating is putting off school work or assignments to a last minute. It is finding something else to do instead of finishing important readings, paper, assignments, and studying for test. Students often procrastinate in order to avoid the work at hand. Everyone at one point of time has procrastinated. Let’s find out why everyone procrastinates?


Why Do You Procrastinate?


The paper, assignment or reading is too hard for me: We procrastinate because school or class work is too hard. This is because we tend to avoid difficult things and save them to do at last. Doing easy things boosts your self-confidence and hey if you can find 10 easy things do right now instead of writing a hard paper then why not.

This assignment or reading is taking too much time: College requires a lot of reading for each class and it is very time-consuming. Sometimes students tend to put off most time-consuming work until the weekend when there is more time available than between classes or afternoon. However; we tend to not work on it over the weekend either because something else needs to be done.

I don’t have what it takes to get this done: Lack of knowledge about the topic that the paper or assignment can be a turn off. For example, I have a paper due about Marx and no idea about what to write since I didn’t do the readings or pay attention in class. It can also be that the instructions of the assignment are too confusing that you feel that you can’t get this done.

I am scared that I will screw up: Many students feel that if they tried and didn’t get it right they will screw up. The fear of messing up prevents you from even trying to get it done.


Overcoming Procrastination

Boost your confidence: Tell yourself that you can do it. Positive thinking will allow you be optimistic and get it done.

One step at a time: Learning and studying takes time. If you don’t have a big time slot for the whole assignment then divide up time between classes and work on it in small parts. It’s better to get some parts done and then put it all together than to leave the whole assignments for the last minute.


Get Help: If you don’t know what it takes to get it done then ask for help. The best type of help you can get is from a tutor because tutoring can guide you in every step of the way and help you get your assignments, papers or reading done on time. Tutoring is a type of facilitation that allows you to learn with personalized guidance at your own pace. Teachers are also helpful for clarifying the task and answering some questions. Friends can be helpful for double-checking your work.


No-one cares if you screw up: If you are scared that you will screw up don’t be because people are too busy with their own lives to check if you screwed up. No one except your teacher will know if you screwed up unless you tell people yourself.


Realize that you are delaying for no valid reason: I hope this article helps you realize that you are procrastinating without a good reason. Stop delaying things unnecessarily because of the reasons mentioned above.


Start your paper, assignment or reading right now: Putting your work off will not get it done. If you have realized that please go and start your work NOW!


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