AzMERIT (Arizona Measurement of Educational Readiness to Inform Teaching) is a new state wide achievement test that replaces AIMS for reading, writing and math. This test will be administered in from March 30th through May 8th in most schools. The new test was designed to assess elementary, middle, and high school students on their learning. This test can be administered on computer or on paper depending on the school.

Why Change to AzMERIT From AIMS?

Arizona State Board of Education wanted to implement new standards to ensure that students are learning the curriculum needed for each grade level. This test is also designed to show how Arizona students perform compared to other students in the same grade level nationally. This test also provides information about student’s preparedness for college and careers for high school students.

Who Takes This Test?

All students attending the Arizona Public Schools are required to take this test. Students in grades 3 to 8 will take English, Language Arts, and Math. High School students will take English and Math at the end of their course. Important thing to know is unlike AIMS, you do not need a passing score on the AzMERIT to graduate high school.

AzMERIT Compared to AIMS

AzMERIT is harder than AIMS. AzMerit requires students to show critical thinking and reasoning. You must understand the concepts not just memorize the information.

Phoenix Tutoring & Test Prep

Phoenix Tutoring & Test Prep provides one-on-one tutoring for AzMERIT test. We help students review the subjects and practice sample questions. We also help you understand concepts that you struggle with during the school year. Please call or text 773-386-3184. You can also visit for learn more.








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