Banana – The Best Friend of Students

Banana is the best friend of students because it is a fruit with many uses for students. Banana provides natural remedy for many illnesses.

Banana contains sugar and fiber which helps gain substantial boost of energy very quickly. It is healthier to use banana for a boost of energy than Red Bull and other energy drinks.

In terms of physical fitness, banana provides enough energy to go through a strenuous 90-minute workout. If you are a student participating in athletics, this fruit is truly for you.

Banana helps students relax and stabilize their moods because it contains tryptophan, a protein that your body naturally converts into serotonin (a neurotransmitter in your brain that makes you happy).

Banana is high in iron so it helps with making more hemoglobin in your blood and keeps your blood sufficiently oxygenated.

Banana is high in potassium which aids in the process of learning by allowing you to be more alert and concentrate on the task at hand. It is recommended that students eat banana during their exams to facilitate in learning.

For college students, banana milk shakes are the quickest way to get through hangovers.

Banana contains high amount of vitamin B helpful in calming your nervous system especially when you are overloaded with work and stress.

Compared to an apple:

Banana has 4 times more protein

2 times more carbohydrates

3 times more phosphorous

5 times more iron

2 times more vitamins and minerals.

Hence, Banana is the best friend of students!


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