Criticism & Its Effects On Growing Children

Who really doesn’t want their children to be successful at school and excel in academics? But there is a way to enforce expectations. Some parents and teachers often criticize their weaker students because they don’t do the work on time, make errors, or don’t do things correctly right away. Each student is unique in his or her own way of study. Some people require more time than others.

People criticize students for two reasons: 1) To have the student improve 2) To exert control and feel superior (ego involved).

What Can Criticism Do To Children And Adolescents?

  • Make a child believe that something is wrong with him.

  • Child develops poor self-esteem and self-worth.

  • Child starts thinking negatively about himself and focuses on his negative qualities.

  • Self-image is changed because the child now views himself as someone who cannot do anything right.

  • Punishes himself more in private for not getting the right grades.

  • Starts being hard on himself and over-working

Tips For Parents in Handling Criticism

  • Be Constructive with criticism. Tell your child what he has done wrong and how he can make improvements.

  • Make comments about the work rather than his or her personality.

    Ex: you are lazy (wrong) instead say you are being lazy about your work.

  • Tell your child that you love him no matter what but you would like him to improve his grades.

  • If he or she makes a mistake, don’t hold punishments for long usually no more than a few hours. You should not prolong punishments to a couple of days because it negatively impacts confidence.

  • When a mistake is made, point it out, give suggestions and allow your child to fix it. Convey the message that its okay to make mistakes and we all do at times but learning from their mistakes is important so they don’t make the same mistakes again.

  • When you criticize your child make sure you don’t hurt their feelings. Focus on their positive qualities while suggesting improvements on the things they have done wrong.

How Can Phoenix Tutoring & Test Prep Help?

Phoenix Tutoring & Test Prep helps your child improve his or her grades in all subjects by providing one-on-one tutoring service. We also make sure that we provide feedback constructively so that your child can build upon his study skills while becoming more confident. Tutoring is a great way to learn and build confidence. Tutoring relationship allows for your child to buffer the effects of negative criticism by allowing him to work towards his goals one step at a time. Tutoring trains your child to ask for help when needed and try different methods of studying that works best for him.

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