Portrait of young female holding heavy stack of books

Discipline: A road to success in learning

It is important to have discipline in order to learn sincerely. Students who are disciplined learn better because they have a set routine of review that occurs on a regular basis.  They also become motivated in learning new material. The consistency of a routine allows them to become actively engaged with their class material and home works.



John studies one hour in the evening daily. As a reward, his parents allow him to watch T.V. for one hour every day. This schedule was initially set up so that John could review his schoolwork and complete his homework on time (start of establishing a discipline). His behavior was reinforced with rewards of being allowed to watch one hour of T.V. every day.



Ultimately, John got in a habit of studying one hour daily. As he grew older and attended high school and college, his discipline remained intact. The discipline of studying one hour daily helped him review his class notes and complete his assignments on time without any slacking. He also felt more prepared than his peers.


Take-Home Message

It is never too late to set up a discipline for studying. Perhaps it can be your New Year resolution for 2014.


Tips for Parents

It is very hard to initially establish discipline for learning with your children. Here are some tips that can help you get started.

1)      Talk to your children about the importance of studying daily.

2)      Show them how it works by being a part of their first few study sessions.

3)      Start out by setting half-hour and later on increasing it to an hour. Not all children can study for one hour right away.

4)      Reward their behavior by something they like such as a toy, candy, or T.V. or video game play time etc.

5)      Be aware of what they are working on in their study time and if it is appropriate. If there is no homework assign your own work such as vocabulary word list, reading, or doing some extra math problems.


Tips for Students

Students can set up their own study discipline.  It is difficult to start but not impossible.  Here are some tips for college students, graduate students and adults on their own to get started.

1)      Start by setting some time in your schedule for study hour. I know college students are so busy with social life but try to find some time perhaps during the week to do this.

2)      Mark it on your phone calendar or planner that you use daily.  Marking it on the calendar or planner keeps the task in your mind. You can also set alarm on your smart phone for study hour.

3)      Make sure to study sincerely in that hour without distractions such as texts, phone calls, or social media messages.  Caution: do not overdo it by studying for a couple of hours one day and then feeling tired to touch it ever again next time.

4)      Give yourself a pat on the back and check off when the task is complete.

5)      Do it on a regular basis so it can become a discipline.