Grant Editing and Proofreading Service

Many people apply for grants on a yearly basis to get funding for their business, programs, schools, preschools, and non-profit organizations. It is very pricey for small business owners and schools to hire someone to write their grants. So many of them write grants themselves.

We provide proofreading and editing services to small business, schools and organizations for a very a low price who choose to write their own grants. Prices range from ($300-$1500 depending on word count, length and detailed information in the grant).

Services Included in Our Editing and Proofreading are:

Grammar error




Rewording poor sentences

Ongoing feedback


Pointing out unclear statements

Grant Requirements Review

Professional Appearance of the Grant

Subject-Verb Agreements

Use of Better Vocabulary

Checking for Missing Information

Phone Consultation


We provide grant and proofreading services Valley wide in Phoenix and Surrounding areas. We also provide this service all over United States.


For more information and quotes please contact Phoenix Tutoring & Test Prep at 773-386-3184. You can also visit to learn more.