Importance of Growth Mindset for Every Learner

There is a big difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset. A growth mindset is the one when a person believes that he or she has the basic qualities that can be developed through learning and acquiring new skills. Dedication and hard work can change intelligence because as you learn new information your brain changes along with it. A fixed mindset is the one when a person believes he or she has a fixed traits and talent controls the outcomes.

A growth mindset is very important for every learner because it allows a learner to have a vision for his or her success in the future. You must believe that talent may not teach you everything you need to know. You must take active steps in learning new things every day.

A growth mindset allows the learner to accept failures and learn from those failures. For example, if you received bad grade on one assignment then you will work harder on the second assignment to change it. Getting a success in everything you do is not possible. One must learn to accept that he or she cannot be good at everything and learning is a process. Learning occurs through effort, hard work and determination.

Growth mindset prepares you to get help when you are struggling. Tutoring may be one way to get help if you are struggling with any of your classes or preparing for a standardized test.  Another way is to ask for help from your teachers or friends.

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