Living Student Life with 10 Dalai Lama Principles

There are many problems that students face, some in which they have control and others in which they cannot control. Dalai Lama is a very influential man in Tibet and his teaching have fascinated millions of people across the world.

Here are 10 Dalai Lama principles that apply to students all over the world:

1. Great achievements involve great risk. The more you want to achieve, the higher you have to put your time, energy and effort to certain tasks.

2. When you lose one thing, don’t lose the entire lesson. Success and losses are part of life. If you fail at one task doesn’t mean you fail at everything that the task involves. Don’t let yourself believe that you can’t finish a class just because you bombed one test.

3. You must respect yourself, others and take responsibility for all of your actions. Respect is not achieved, it is received. You must give respect to yourself and others so others will respect you. If you disrespect yourself, another person is more likely to disrespect you. Own up to your actions, if you did it then admit it and accept it. You will only grow from your mistakes.

4. Sometimes you are lucky to not get what you want. You may not get what you desire because there are better things coming your way. Don’t let one failure bog you down. Use the energy constructively in producing better work.

5. If you found yourself making a mistake, immediately try to correct it. Making a mistake is human nature, not doing anything about it shows character. It’s okay to make mistakes but when you realize you have made a mistake try to fix it. Fixing a mistake makes you a better person. For example, you made a huge mistake on the assignment and now it’s turned in. Try to fix it and turn it in again despite of not being able to get the lost points back. You are fixing it for yourself and for your teacher. If the teacher doesn’t accept it, that’s fine at least you did your part.

6. You need your alone time daily. It is important to relax and refresh. Take some alone time out for yourself to think thorough things, listen to music or just go for a walk. Clearing your mind helps with studies.

7. Be open to changes without letting go of your values. Realize that life keeps changing and so does your options. What was right yesterday may not be right for you today. Stay intact with your values but understand that change is part of life and to survive we must go outside of our comfort zone.

8. Live a good life such that that when you look back, you cherish your past. Live each and every day of your life in a way that you don’t regret anything that you have done. School and college days are most beautiful memories and you will embrace them as you get older. Keep yourself, your experiences, and your relationships sweet for sweet memories to form.

9. Share your knowledge with others. You are contributing to your community, family and the world by sharing what you know. Helping a friend with understanding a certain concept is a start. When you teach someone what you know, you remember more because your brain in reviewing the material over again.

 10. Judge your success by what you gave up in order to be successful. Result is not the only measure for success. Sacrifices count. The more you sacrificed, the stronger your motivation to succeed. Nothing is more depressing that judging yourself on results alone because only you know how hard you worked to get this far. Give yourself some credit for the journey.


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