New Way to Prepare For HESI A2

Phoenix Tutoring and Test Prep proudly presents to you a unique online video tutorial program called Prepkeet at

Prepkeet is a division of Phoenix Tutoring and Test Prep specifically designed for pre-nursing students to prepare for HESI A2 (nursing school entrance exam). Prepkeet is an online video tutorial program that teaches you step by step every aspect of the HESI A2 test.

You can purchase different plans from one section to all sections. The program is structured so you learn each topic and then have practice questions after each video tutorial. They also have 2 full length practice tests at the end for each sections and subsections.

Prepkeet’s introductory prices are cheap and affordable. There is also a free trial to see some of our videos and work on our practice questions

Phoenix Tutoring and Test Prep still continues to offer one-on-one private individual tutoring both online via Skype (anywhere in the United States) and in person (Phoenix metropolitan area only).

Now students preparing to the HESI A2 have two options:

1)   To prepare HESI A2 with a private tutor either through Skype or in person offered by Phoenix Tutoring & Test Prep




2)   The Prepkeet HESI A2 online video tutorials program that has a set curriculum in which you watch videos and work through practice quizzes and tests offered through and work through our curriculum.

Due to the high volume of HESI A2 tutoring requests, we have designed the Prepkeet program to accommodate nursing students all over United States who can learn our curriculum from the comfort of their own home in their own time. Prepkeet is our way to give nursing students another option or a new way to learn. It is like taking an online class for HESI A2.


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