New Way to Prepare For HESI A2

Phoenix Tutoring and Test Prep proudly presents to you a new one-on-one curriculum-based tutoring program for HESI A2.

This program is specifically designed for pre-nursing students to prepare for HESI A2 (nursing school entrance exam). It thoroughly covers all of the sections of the HESI A2 with over 2000 practice questions. The curriculum is designed to be taught in a one-on-one format and can be modified to your individual needs.

Each topic area is covered with content knowledge, testing strategies and practice questions making it a complete preparation tool in passing your HESI exam.

Phoenix Tutoring and Test Prep is the only company in the Phoneix valley to offer curriculum based tutoring for HESI A2. This curriculum is being taught both online and in-person in one-on-one tutoring format.

We offer one-on-one private individual tutoring both online via Facetime or Skype (anywhere in the United States) and in person (Select locations in Phoenix metropolitan area).

This curriculum provides standardization to your tutoring sessions ensuring that every topic is covered and no surprises appear on the test. Furthermore, it is created with best strategies in solving each question to improve your test score on a timed test.

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