Online Tutoring: Help At Your Fingertips

Many people are unaware of “Online Tutoring”. Some people feel that it won’t work for them because of the “computer business”. The truth is that people don’t always know what it is and how it works.

What is Online Tutoring?

Online tutoring is a great way to get instant help. One-on-one tutoring is provided using video chatting on Skype. Students and tutors can see each other, talk to one another, share documents and even share their desktop screens if needed. Both tutor and student can be miles away and still be able to work together.

What Tools Are Used For Online Tutoring?

Online tutoring requires a computer, laptop or a tablet with a webcam and a microphone. Phoenix Tutoring & Test Prep uses Skype to provide online tutoring. Skype allows us to see and talk to our students. We can explain concepts and share our ideas using Skype. We can also look at what our students are working on by a unique feature called “Screen Sharing”. This feature literally allows us to see what our student is working on at the moment. We can see their homework, notes, worksheets etc that are open on their computers.
Another tool that Phoenix Tutoring & Test Prep tutors often use is tutorsbox an online based whiteboard that allows tutors to draw, write, and use diagrams for math and sciences. It works on any modern web browser without any downloading. Both tutors and students can write and track progress. It is smooth for teaching geometry, algebra, physics and chemistry.
We also utilize Google docs for sharing files, worksheets, word documents, tables, drawings, spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. Google docs helps with tutoring by allowing a file to be shared with both the tutor and the student. Thus, both can have access to it and work on it together at the same time. Our tutors often like to use it for statistics. Students love to show their study guides before exams and share it with their tutors for quizzing them on it. Google docs have plenty of storage so students can save and show multiple drafts of their papers and projects to their tutors for feedback.

Benefits of Online Tutoring

• Student can get instant help
• Tutor and student can be miles away and still work together
• Students can pay tutoring fees using our website with credit card, debit card or Paypal credits.
• Students can see, hear, use a whiteboard, and share documents with their tutor without leaving their home.
• Parents do not have to drive them to tutoring or have a tutor come into their home.
• If there is no local tutor available to teach a particular subject in your area you can use the help of an online tutor who teaches that particular subject.
• You can have tutoring sessions anytime even late in the night without leaving your home.

Phoenix Tutoring & Test Prep Online Tutoring Services

It is true that Phoenix Tutoring & Test Prep offers one-on-one local tutoring services in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. However; we also provide online tutoring services all over United States and Canada. To get help from Phoenix Tutoring & Test Prep please visit and book lessons today. You can also call or text 773-386-3184.

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