Overview of Attending Online High Schools

Have you seen some T.V. ads about attending online high schools cost free? What are you wondering when you hear online high schools? Here are some important elements for those attending or planning to attend online high schools.

What is Online High school?

Online high schools are not very different than traditional high schools. Online high schools require you to enroll at a local school which offers most of its coursework online that you can complete from anywhere so long as you have computer and internet access. Online high school curriculums are taught by licensed teachers appointed by your district or state.

What about Fees?

Online high schools have 2 types: public or private. Online Public high schools are tuition-free and run similarly to your local high school. They also offer extracurricular activities. Private online high schools operate at a national or regional level allowing parents and students to choose the perfect school based on their learning styles, aptitudes, and even their own schedules. Private online high schools may charge tuition and that varying depending on each school.

How is the Coursework taught at an Online High School?

Some online high schools will have an instructor deliver a lecture online via a webcast. Students are required to log in at particular times to watch the lecture and take notes. Some online high schools will not have live lectures and prefer to show recorded lecture that the student can view at his own time. Other online high schools will have independent learning format where students are required to submit assignments, participate in discussions based on the readings, and take tests online. Students have to finish their assigned work by a certain deadline.

Benefits vs. Pitfalls

The benefits that students enjoy with attending online high schools is the amount of freedom and the ability to work the comfort of their own home. Some students who have medical conditions, working a job or have other obligations can still acquire the same quality of education. This may help reduce the dropout rate.
The pitfalls are that students have to work independently without the face to face interactions with their teachers or peers. Students will often find themselves struggling with time management because there is no teacher to remind them about a deadline for the assignment. What if you are stuck? How can you overcome a difficult or challenging task?

Online Tutoring For Online High School Students

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Parents it is important if you find your child slacking with online coursework to get a private tutor immediately. We also provide parental feedback on a regular basis so that you can track your child’s progress.

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