PSAT Can Get You Scholarships Arizona Students

PSAT is a preliminary SAT taken by students in their junior year of high school.  This test is given to students in the month of October. Approximately 50,000 students who take the SAT qualify for different scholarships for college.


In Arizona, the qualifying score for the National Merit Scholarship program is 214 out of 240.


Free-ride to college


If you become a finalist for National Merit Scholarship, Arizona State University will pay $15,000 (full-ride) for college.  If you are a semi-finalist, they will pay for your full tuition ($9,000). The scholarships are renewable each year depending on specific criteria.


You may also be thrilled to know that University of Arizona guarantees full tuition to be paid if you are either a finalist or a semi-finalist.


What if you want to go to an out of state college?


If you want to attend college elsewhere National Merit Scholarship semi-finalist and finalists can get full-ride and most of the tuition paid at over 70 different colleges and universities across the nation. We will be happy to discuss a full list of colleges if you are interested. Yes, it includes universities on the East coast, West coast, South and Midwest.


That’s not all ………………….


Other Awards Based on PSAT Scores:


  • National Merit Scholarship: if you represented your state in the national merit scholarship program you will get $2500.00 (single payment).


  • National Achievement Scholarship Program: This scholarship program helps African-American students with higher scores on PSAT.


  • National Hispanic Recognition Program: This scholarship program helps Hispanic students who score high on PSAT.


  • Private Scholarships: Some business, organizations, and employers have specific scholarships that help their employees, students in the community, and those with specific career plans that benefit their organization.


  • College Merit scholarships: These scholarships are given by colleges and universities that want to award high scorers on PSAT. They may not give you full ride but will help with some parts of tuition or books expenses.


What’s tested on PSAT?


PSAT is like a short version of SAT. You have 5 sections on it. It lasts for 130 minutes (appx 2 hours). There are 2 sections of reading (25 min each), 2 sections of math (25 min each), and 1 section of writing (30 minutes). You are scored out of 240 points.


How can I get help to Study For PSAT?


Phoenix Tutoring & Test Prep is offering a 16 hour PSAT crash course for students who are taking the PSAT this October. Since 240 points is a perfect score of PSAT we are charging $240.00 for the entire course. This course will be held on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 12pm in the East Valley (Chandler). The course starts on Sept 6th and ends Sept 28th. To sign up visit

This is a comprehensive crash course for the PSAT that includes:

  • Initial Evaluation
  • Thorough review of all the sections: Reading, Math and Writing.
  • Expert advice on best way to approach PSAT questions.
  • Test taking strategies
  • 5 full practice tests
  • Feedback on wrong answers
  • Learning to work under time pressure.


If you don’t live in the east valley (Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, and some parts of Phoenix) you are welcome to attend classes if you are willing to drive to chandler.


If you want one on one test preparations for PSAT we charge $50 per hour and will come to your home for appointments or meet at a mutual location. You can sign up at under courses. Click PSAT.









Phoenix Tutoring & Test Prep providing tutoring both online (All over U.S.) and offline (in Phoenix and surrounding areas).

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