Strategies for Dealing with Test Anxiety

How do you feel when you are about to take a test? All students feel somewhat nervous and stressed about right before exams. This is natural because it can help you focus and perform better on tests. It also allows you to take the test seriously and put your best efforts.
In contrast, people with test anxiety blank out on tests, freeze up, zone out, or feel so overwhelmed and nervous that they can’t get themselves together and continue with the test. They feel like they cannot answer questions that they studied so hard for or knew the answer to just a few hours back.
Test anxiety is a type of performance anxiety similar to stage fright. When a person is aware that his or her performance counts, he or she will start shaking, feeling sweaty, and having fast heartbeats right before the test arrives. Once he or she looks at the questions, he or she will blank out, zone out, feel very nervous and self-doubt their capabilities. He or she will also worry about grades more that it impedes his or her performance on the test.

Tips to Help in Dealing with Test Anxiety

  • Don’t Cram. This is the worst way to learn the material. If you have test anxiety you should start studying and preparing for the tests in advance because you blank out during tests. Allow yourself more time to study than one day. If you start preparing early you will feel less overwhelmed with the material.
  • Guess what will be asked. If you can guess what kind of material will be asked on the test you can focus more on that rather than trying to study everything.
  • Integrate. The best way to study with a lot of material on the test is to integrate lectures, notes, textbook reading and past homework. Learn the key concepts that recurrently show up on most of the sources. If something came up in lecture, homework and readings then it is more likely to come up on the test.
  • Boost your Confidence. Tell yourself that it is just a test and one test does not make or break you. There will be plenty of more tests in life and other ways to prove yourself. Believe that you will succeed.
  • Eat breakfast. Do not skip meals when preparing for the test. Eat breakfast before your test. Empty stomach drains your energy during test because you are fighting with not only the test also hunger.
  • Sleep. There is nothing more refreshing than a good night sleep. Staying up all night and cramming for the test will make you more tired on the test. Getting a good night sleep helps you relax during the test and perform better on test because you are less tired.
  • Don’t Drink Energy Drinks. Too much sugar and caffeine is not good. Don’t drink stuff like RedBull because you will feel energized right now when you are studying but in a few hours you will have a crash and you will feel more tired and exhausted than before. If you have a crash during the test, all of your studying went right out the window.
  • Don’t study 2-3 hours before the test. When you study right before the test and try to memorize at the last minute, you will remember that part during test but you are less likely to recall stuff that you studied day before because your brain is too busy rehearsing the last minute stuff.
  • Concentrate. Don’t worry about your grade. Focus on answering the questions on your test.

How Can Phoenix Tutoring & Test Prep Help?

  • Having a tutor will help you feel less overwhelmed with the material. You can meet your tutor once or twice weekly and prepare gradually for the test.
  • Tutoring allows you to efficiently study for your tests and focus your studying on the key concepts that are more likely to be tested.
  • If you are someone that procrastinate and put off the studying till the last minute, tutoring can help you build structure and get your studying done on time.
  • Tutoring helps you review lectures, homework, and class notes and ensure that you have truly understood the key concepts.
  • You can also ask your tutor to quiz you during session. Practice makes perfect.
  • Tutoring helps you build your study skills.

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