Struggling to Find a Summer Internship?

Summer internships look really good on college applications. Summer internship also looks good for college students seeking a job after graduation because it can be listed on your resume under experience.

Both high school and college students look for paid or unpaid internships during their summer breaks. It is very competitive to get a summer internship. Here are some tips and suggestions for getting a summer internship.

1)   Some internships are going to be unpaid so stop being picky.


2)   Choose an internship site if you are really interested in learning about that particular field. Don’t just get one for the sake of getting one. Believe it or not people know when you are passionate about something.


3)   College students can browse through lots of internship opportunities through . They list many internship opportunities nationwide.


4)   If it is hard to find an internship, create one. We know lots of professionals in our family, relatives, communities and school. Network with these individuals that you already know and talk to them an unpaid summer internship. Small companies and business owners are thrilled about having someone learn about their work.


5)   If your parents have to pay for getting a summer internship, then it is a money-making scheme and not worth your time. You should never have to pay for a summer internship experience because you are working for free and helping them out. How does it make sense if you pay them to make you work for free doing their tasks and making their jobs easier?


6)   Moving to another state for a summer internship and accruing the flight ticket costs as well as housing costs is unreasonable. At some point, the internship site must pay for something to have you there even if it is an unpaid internship. Your work can be unpaid because you are learning but not all the other expenses.


7)   If you did not end up getting an internship, then use your time to do other things such as applying for scholarships, volunteering at a local hospital or parks, being in a reading program, going to summer camp, or teaching other students younger than you. At the end of the day, every experience counts.


I hope these tips will help you search for the right internship.

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