Study Skills: Struggling With Time Management?

Many students from elementary to college level struggle to complete their assignments on time. Several students feel that they will get an assignment done by the time its due. They put things off early on thus their tasks fail to reach completion. Some students struggle to finish their homework because they have too many things due all at once. If they started homework assignments early on when assigned then it wouldn’t pile up on them at once. Time management is a skill. It is something that will come if you practice. It is never too late to start.


How Do I Learn Time Management Skills?


1)      Being aware of your deadlines in the first step in managing your time. A lot of students fail to complete their assignments on time because they forget when it was due. College students please check your syllabus and know your deadlines.

2)      The best way to remember deadlines especially for high school and college students is to mark them on a calendar or on a daily planner. You can also mark them on a calendar in your smart phone if you are not a person that carries a planner.

3)      Be in touch with your classmates. Always exchange phone numbers with people you have classes with in elementary, high school and college. Keep at least 1 person’s number for emergency. In case you forgot to write down to assignment or you are unsure about a test date or deadline you can call and check with them.

4)      Don’t blame your parents that they didn’t remind you because it is not their responsibility it is yours!

5)      Get a tutor when you are initially trying to learn time-management to help you stay organized and on top of the deadlines.

6)      Don’t let your assignments sit there get started on them as they arrive to prevent piling up.

7)      Set aside some time on a weekly basis just to catch up on readings and do assignments. It doesn’t have to be everyday. Depending on your course load set aside a couple of hours.


Phoenix Tutoring & Test Prep


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