Summer School Help Hotline

Some students take summer school because they have not passed a course during the school year and some student take summer classes to get ahead. Whatever you reason for taking summer school there are things you must know:


  • Summer school classes are usually for a short period of time ranging from 2 weeks to 8 weeks depending on your school or college.
  • Since the summer school classes are shorter in length, they cover more information per day than a usual class.
  • Some students have to work even harder to complete all the assignments and study more because summer classes move at a faster pace.
  • Online summer classes offered by many high schools and college have more assignments and quizzes daily. This means an average person has to spend several hours per day on the computer to meet the deadline for these assignments.
  • Not only are you overwhelmed with the school work but in Arizona it’s over a 100 degrees every day. It is hard to stay focused when it’s extremely hot outside.
  • Some students have a hard time paying attention because they have to sit through several hours in the same class learning the same subject.


If you are struggling keeping up with summer school work call the summer school hotline at Phoenix Tutoring & Test Prep 773-386-3184. We help students complete their work on time with the help of tutoring. We also help students study for their summer exams.


We provide summer school tutoring for all major subjects such as math, biology, reading, history, chemistry and more.


For your convenience we provide one-on-one tutoring services in Phoenix and surrounding areas such as Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe, Scottsdale and Paradise Valley.


We also provide one on one summer school tutoring help online via Skype.


To book lesson visit or call the summer school hotline 773-386-3184.





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