Surge in Online Classes due to the Pandemic and the need for One-on-one Online Tutoring

AZ schools and colleges will not be having in person classes until at least Aug 17th. Due to the surge in Covid-19 cases in Arizona, it may be delayed even further. Students are going to have online classes in the fall for the most part claimed many parents and school officials in panic.

This is a drastic change for students to deal with especially if they have not had much exposure to online education in the past. The academic struggles amplify when they have to work alone on assignments, papers, and tests on their own in front of a computer screen. Parents are forced to teach their children with very limited resources.

College classes are also going to be online for the most part in the fall semester at ASU, Maricopa community colleges, Grand Canyon University and University of Arizona. This can really change the college experience and leave the students stranded in dealing with harder classes on their own without the lectures with their professors, discussions with their peers and office hours and other resources provided by the colleges.

If you or a family member are strugging with online classes, we are here to help. We provide one-on-one online tutoring through Facetime and Skype for school and college students during the Pandemic. We walk them through the tougher content and help them understand their coursework, assignments and papers every step of the way. We are also accepting students from outside of Arizona who need tutoring but their local area is unable to provide such services. Phoenix Tutoring & Test Prep have open their doors to students nationwide and will accomodate their tutoring needs. We do not require any binding with tutoring contracts. We have pay as you go options where you buy lessons online and schedule your session (one at a time) with no commitment for the future sessions.

For all your tutoring and test prep needs visit to buy your lessons with us. You can also call or text 773-386-3184 for more info.









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