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Tutoring: An Option for Homeschooled Children in Phoenix & Surrounding Areas

Some parents chose to homeschool their children in Arizona for different reasons such as child having some learning difficulties, parents wanting the child to excel more, child was falling behind in school, child needing more personalized attention, family moving very frequently etc.


Homeschooling allows parents to lead their child’s education by choosing the right programs for their children. However; parents have to follow a specialized homeschool curriculum and have the child complete certain books and assignments on time to turn to the school.


10 ways One-on-One Tutoring Helps Homeschooled Children?


  1. Homeschooling puts a lot of pressure on the parents because they have to teach all the subjects to their children even if they are not good at one or two subjects. Tutoring can be used to teach children certain subjects that the parents feel uncomfortable teaching.
  2. Tutoring helps establish routine for homeschooled children. For example, meeting a tutor for one hour daily allows children to get into the correct mindset for learning.
  3. Tutoring allows an opportunity for homeschooled children to learn from someone other than their parents so they can experience different teaching styles.
  4. Tutoring allows homeschoolers to socialize and look up to another adult.
  5. Tutors from Phoenix Tutoring & Test Prep are flexible with their schedules and have availabilities to meet in mornings, early afternoons, late afternoons and evenings depending on your needs.
  6. Tutoring allows your child to learn the material at his or her own pace but making sure to meet all the homeschooled curriculum deadlines.
  7. Tutoring allows your child to build a co-creative relationship and work on their weaknesses in a safe environment.
  8. Parents experience a shared responsibility of the child in terms of covering the required material at good pace.
  9. Tutors from Phoenix Tutoring & Test Prep offer tutoring services in your home or an agreed upon location. It really helps when parents do not have to drive their children from one place to another. The tutor can come to your home and teach.
  10. Tutoring helps your children establish a discipline to study and improve their study skills.


Special Offer:

Phoenix Tutoring & Test Prep is offering a special low rate of $30 per hour for tutoring homeschooled children. For more information: Call or text 773-386-3184.

Tutoring services offered in Phoenix, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Queen Creek, Mesa, and Ahwatukee. www.phxtutoring.com