What Type of Learner Are You?

Different people learn differently. It is important to understand that in the same classroom different students learn the same material differently. Some students may learn the material one way but others may not. It is crucial for teachers to use several different methods to explain a concept because not all students learn one way.


It is also essential for students to know their own learning style. Parents should invest some time in investigating how their child learns best. If parents are unsure of the learning styles of their children they cannot help them study in a manner that the course work is retained.


Types of learning styles


Visual Learning: If you are a visual learner, you learn best when you see pictures, images or chalk board with a picture drawn to explain concepts.


Auditory Learning: Auditory learners learn best by hearing things such as lectures, people saying things that retains in their memory. One can utilize tapes and other material that uses hearing as a source.


Verbal Learning: Verbal learners study best when they say things out loud. Verbal learners perform best in memorization tasks. They can memorize words, math equations, science concepts and more by saying things out loud over and over again.


Physical Learning: Physical learners study best by doing things physically such as writing things down multiple times which helps them retain concept into their memory.  They also learn by experimenting because they understand how things work by making it work. Many athletes learn and study by doing things.


Social Learning: Social learners study best in small groups. They like having other people study by their side or work together on the same project. Social learners succeed in college if they master is constructing study groups with friends. They are most productive in group settings.


Solitary Learning: If you are a solitary learner you prefer to study alone such as in the library away from distractions and noise. Solitary learners have problem keeping attention so they have to be in a distraction-free environment to study.


How Can Phoenix Tutoring & Test Prep Help?

Tutoring creates a safe environment for students to explore their learning type. A tutor’s job is to explain school work in the best way possible that the student understands. Tutoring encourages students to try different types of learning methods and see what works the best. The support for a tutor can help a child explore different options of learning. For example, if teacher at school taught you one way and it is not working out then try learning the same thing with a tutor in a different way. Sometimes it is not the material but how it’s taught which makes a difference. Several students struggle in school because their learning style is different from the learning method that his or her teacher uses. Tutoring provides these students a different approach to learn the same material.


Studying smart is better than studying hard. Study with the learning type that works best instead of spending more time in a study method that does not work for you.