Why Tutoring is the Most Rewarding Experience?

A tutoring relationship is between a tutor and a student where the tutor shows the student step by step how to be successful with a particular class. A tutor’s complete attention is focused on the student as he or she learns skills to succeed in academics. Tutoring addresses individual student learning problems more effectively.

Tutoring benefits not only the student but also the tutor. Here are the reasons why tutoring is the most rewarding experience:

1)   Tutoring allows you to know your students better and be aware of their individual needs. Students who go see their teachers during office hours for tutoring perform better because their questions are answered in one-on-one tutoring.


2)   Tutoring has the potential to transform lives. You can change a student’s life in a positive way.


3)   Tutoring allows you to be creative with your teaching strategies. You can teach the material however you want without being confined with standard practices in school.


4)   You can work as a tutoring both part-time and full-time and have flexible hours. You can also choose to teach only a handful of courses.


5)   Tutoring allows you to continuously get better. You explore different strategies and see what works. This allows you to improve your teaching strategies.


6)   Tutoring is very specialized addressing student’s individual struggles. For example, we have tutors that specialize in working with ADHD, international students, ESL students etc.


7)   Tutoring can be used not only for academic courses but also for test prep and to help learn skills such as computers, study skills, communications etc.

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