Singapore Math

Singapore Math is a teaching method created in a small island called Singapore in South Asia. This curriculum helps elementary students grasp a deeper understanding of math concepts by allowing students to learn math with different styles and formats. Not all students learn math the same way so this method uses a variety of ways […]

Are You a Procrastinator?

Procrastinating is putting off school work or assignments to a last minute. It is finding something else to do instead of finishing important readings, paper, assignments, and studying for test. Students often procrastinate in order to avoid the work at hand. Everyone at one point of time has procrastinated. Let’s find out why everyone procrastinates? […]

Study Skills: Struggling With Time Management?

Many students from elementary to college level struggle to complete their assignments on time. Several students feel that they will get an assignment done by the time its due. They put things off early on thus their tasks fail to reach completion. Some students struggle to finish their homework because they have too many things […]

What Type of Learner Are You?

Different people learn differently. It is important to understand that in the same classroom different students learn the same material differently. Some students may learn the material one way but others may not. It is crucial for teachers to use several different methods to explain a concept because not all students learn one way.   […]

Importance of Proofreading Your Work

Many students in Phoenix and surrounding areas are struggling with writing. One of the major components is that they lack checking their work when they are finished. All students from elementary to college level can benefit by proofreading their work. Phoenix Tutoring and Test Prep recommend students to proofread all of their typed and hand-written […]