5 Ways to Identify a Struggling School District

Most parents want their children to attend good school districts. They do many things to help such as purchasing a home in a nice neighborhood, being involved with the schools, regularly communicating with the teachers and attending parent teacher meetings. All of these things are good but not enough to identify if your child’s school […]

Identifying Key Words for Operations in Math Word Problems

The most difficult task is solving a math word problem is to identify what operations is needed to solve. This article will help you identify words that indicate such operations. This article is made for elementary, high school, and college level students. It will also help those preparing for standardized tests such as GED, GRE, […]

New Way to Prepare For HESI A2

Phoenix Tutoring and Test Prep proudly presents to you a new one-on-one curriculum-based tutoring program for HESI A2. This program is specifically designed for pre-nursing students to prepare for HESI A2 (nursing school entrance exam). It thoroughly covers all of the sections of the HESI A2 with over 2000 practice questions. The curriculum is designed […]

Financial Tips for College Students

Engage in Budgeting: It is a good idea in college to budget your expenses with the income (coming from the help of your parents or from student loans). When you receive your semester loan, you can pay the rent for 4 to 6 months in advance that way you do not have to worry about […]

Gujarati Speaking Tutoring Online

Gujarati is an Indian language mainly spoken in the state of Gujarat. This language has traveled all over the world as the people of Gujarat (known as Gujaratis’) have moved and settled in other countries. Why People Want to Learn Gujarati? People want to learn Gujarati more than ever. There many reasons for it. First, […]

Math-Based Sections on the ASVAB and Helpful Tips by Experienced Tutors

There are two Mathematics-based sections on the ASVAB that those planning to take the ASVAB struggle with the most. The first being the Arithmetic Reasoning Section and the second is the Mathematics Knowledge Section. Both of these sections test different things. The Arithmetic Reasoning section focuses on word problems. It tests you on basic math, […]

10 Things People Do When Lost During the Exam

Most individuals feel some form of anxiety while taking the exam. In one way, anxiety helps during exam to keep the individual focused. It ensures that people are putting their best foot forward. Ever wondered what happens when people know they cannot answers certain questions on the exam? Here are 10 things that people engage […]

Problem Is Not A Bad Thing

Have you ever faced a problem in your life? In school, college, with your significant other, or at work. The truth is the mostly everyone experiences problems on a daily basis whether it is traffic, homework, communication with a loved one or a task at work. Problems are all around you but having a problem […]

ACT vs. SAT Which One Should I Take?

Students often struggle with deciding which test is better for them to take ACT or SAT. This article analyzes some key differences between the ACT and the SAT. Hopefully this will help you make your decision.     ACT   ACT is a popular choice in the Midwest, South and Northern part of America.   […]


TOEFL is a standardized test used by over 130 countries to evaluate proficiency in English language for international students or non-native English speakers. United States enrolls approximately 820,000 international students in colleges and universities each year. All of them are required to pass a TOEFL exam to enter the programs. The top 5 countries from […]