NES Tutoring for Teacher Certification Test Arizona

In order to become a certified teacher in Arizona, one must clear the NES Teacher Certification Test both the elemenentary education and the professional knowledge test. The elementary education test consists of subtests 1 and 2. The prospective teacher must be able to pass the test showing that you have content knowledge on teaching theory […]

Decreased Reading Among Americans: Are Screens to Blame?

Pew Research (2015) reported that 27% of Americans have not read a single book in the past year and an average American read about 12 books in a year (data included print and ebooks). If you do the math, an average American read only 1 book per month which is very low compared to past […]

5 Changes on the New SAT

The new SAT is was released in March 2016. A lot of students who took the old SAT and wanted to retake it would be taking the newer version. All students will now take the new SAT.   Here are the 5 changes on the New SAT:   1. There is no penalty for guessing […]

3 Methods of Reading and Its Benefits

Reading is a constant struggle for many students in the United States. Some students may read the words but fail to understand what they just read. Other students may understand the reading but stumble in reading clearly with proper vocabulary and diction. Reading is a process and people may use one or more methods of […]

5 Reasons Preventing Young Adults from Moving Out

Moving out after you turn 18 is an American tradition since the 1940s.  Young adults moved out for college to live in the dorm and ultimately into their own apartments. Some got jobs after high school and started living on their own. Others moved out a bit later after completing college. Young adults lived by […]

7 Words Never to Use to Describe Yourself in a Personal Statement

Every high school student planning to attend college will write a personal statement. This personal statement is submitted along with your college admissions application. Personal statements are the third thing colleges look at during admission after high school GPA and ACT/SAT scores. Personal statements generally require you to describe yourself, your goals, and how you […]

Introduction to Chemistry Tutoring

Whether you are in high school or in college, you will at some point need to take introduction to chemistry class. Chemistry is a physical science and is often required by most high schools to graduate. Colleges also require this course to fulfill the physical science requirement in the general education. If you are entering […]

Why Tutoring is the Most Rewarding Experience?

A tutoring relationship is between a tutor and a student where the tutor shows the student step by step how to be successful with a particular class. A tutor’s complete attention is focused on the student as he or she learns skills to succeed in academics. Tutoring addresses individual student learning problems more effectively. Tutoring […]

5 Ways to Identify a Struggling School District

Most parents want their children to attend good school districts. They do many things to help such as purchasing a home in a nice neighborhood, being involved with the schools, regularly communicating with the teachers and attending parent teacher meetings. All of these things are good but not enough to identify if your child’s school […]

Identifying Key Words for Operations in Math Word Problems

The most difficult task is solving a math word problem is to identify what operations is needed to solve. This article will help you identify words that indicate such operations. This article is made for elementary, high school, and college level students. It will also help those preparing for standardized tests such as GED, GRE, […]