5 Tips For Teaching Children Money Management

Some people cannot handle money well. This is how they end up with credit card debt, unpaid bills, and spending money unnecessarily. The biggest challenge for those that move out of their parent’s home is managing finances. Below are some tips in which parents or guardians can teach children how to manage money.  1.   Start […]

Why Hire a Private Tutor?

Private tutoring is increasingly popular in major metropolitan areas across the country. Parents are beginning to push students to achieve high grades. The importance of having good education is critical for a successful future. Students are motivated to compete with one another in academics, sports, and extra-curricular activities. The standards are much higher now than […]

Tips for Writing Good Resumes: Do’s and Don’t’s

The job market in the Phoenix metropolitan area and other major cities is getting very competitive. People are looking for professional jobs for months. They go through several interviews and still no answer L Hiring process has now become a waiting game especially for the new graduates from college. It is also really hard to […]

Overview of Attending Online High Schools

Have you seen some T.V. ads about attending online high schools cost free? What are you wondering when you hear online high schools? Here are some important elements for those attending or planning to attend online high schools. What is Online High school? Online high schools are not very different than traditional high schools. Online […]

10 Ways Chess Improves Your Brain and Test Scores

Chess originated in India around 6th century. It spread to other parts of the world. In the middle ages, chess was played by nobles to learn war strategy. During enlightenment chess was used for self-improvement. Today, chess is played in many countries.   In 30 countries around the world, chess is part of the school […]

5 Math Game Apps on Your Smart Phone

These days not very many children like to study from books. The world is changing and so are our children. They are on smart phones all day.   Traditional textbooks are no longer being used. People are gradually shifting to ebooks and kindles. Children are reading on Ipads. High school homeworks require typed papers and […]

Test Prep Tutoring: Preparing For HESI A2 Exam

Prospective nursing students are required to take the HESI A2 exam which is a nursing school entrance exam in order to get admissions into nursing school. There are very few tutoring companies that provide test prep tutoring for HESI. We are one of those few tutoring companies.   Here is are some things you must […]

Summer School Help Hotline

Some students take summer school because they have not passed a course during the school year and some student take summer classes to get ahead. Whatever you reason for taking summer school there are things you must know:   Summer school classes are usually for a short period of time ranging from 2 weeks to […]

Summer: Best Time To Prepare For GRE

What is GRE? Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized test that all students must take to apply to graduate school or business school. Even if you are unsure of what you want to study after college graduation taking the GRE is the next step. About The GRE GRE is administered on a computerized. People […]

Preparing for ASVAB with Tutoring

What is ASVAB? Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Test (ASVAB) is an exam used for enlisting individuals for U.S. Armed Forces. This test determines who is qualified to enter the U.S. military. The test scores are used as one of the many measures for qualification to enter the armed forces. About ASVAB Test ASVAB is a […]