Pass your NES (Teacher Certification Test) to fulfill Arizona Teacher Shortage

Teachers are more needed than ever especially in Arizona that already had a shortage of teachers well before the pandemic hit. During the course of the Pandemic, it’s getting much worse.

Approximately more than 750 teachers in Arizona have quit the profession of teaching since Aug 31st, 2020. About half of those have left their teaching jobs due to covid concerns. Some who have chosen to not quit have taken absence for the full year. Some teachers older is age have also chosen to retire early leaving the classroom emptier than ever. This shortage of teachers is projected to get much worse in the following months. Approximately 28% of teaching positions remain vacant at this poit. Many school districts are looking for substitute teachers to fill the gaps and encouraging new teachers to join.

If you want to join the teaching force in Arizona, you must pass the NES (Teacher Certification Test) both professional knowledge and elementary education. Phoenix Tutoring & Test Prep provides one on one online tutoring for NES professional knowledge and NES elementary education tests. The passing of this test allows teachers to work in the Arizona School Systems in many different school districts and private or charter schools.

For all your NES Tutoring Needs, Phoenix Tutoring & Test Prep is here to help!!!

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